Das mobile Labor des Kantonsapothekeramts Bern analysiert Drogen an Technopartys und ist heute fester Bestandteil der Schadensminderung in der Schweizer Partyszene. Erfahre mehr über, unsere Methoden und erhalte einen spannenden Einblick in diesen illegalen Markt!

European pharmaceutical students' associations (EPSA)

Communication in the Pharma world – We will talk about communication barriers, feedback, verbal communication, body language, communicating with patients and other important communicative aspects of being a pharmacist.

Pill Apotheken


FPH Ausbildung: Erfahren Sie mehr über die spannenden Projekte, welche Sie in der Ausbildung bei uns leiten dürfen.

Swiss medical students' association (swimsa)

We will teach you how to handle thread and needle in order to stitch a wound. We will prepare some deep wounds and original surgery instruments which brings you the real operation-feeling. Come join us in this adventure of simple knots or doing stitches and make yourself fit to possibly save lives!

Phytotherapie SMGP

Phytotherapy – just nice-to-have or necessary for treating infections?

Resistence against antibiotics is increasing. How can we manage this problem? What are the options offered by phytoherapy? A lot of phytopharmaceuticals are helpful in combating bacterial infections.  A first-line treatment with phytopharmaceuticals helps to decrease the use of antibiotics and can contribute to reducing resistance against antibiotics.  Examples will be presented.

Swiss Young Pharmacists Group (Swiss YPG)

"Life as a health care professional is not easy. As pharmacists, we often encounter barriers that keep us from living our profession at its best. We wish to get the full acknowledgement that our profession deserves. Professional politics means to influence the development of our profession on the inside and the perception of our profession in the world outside. In this interactive workshop you will learn the basics of professional politics and how you can contribute to a positive attitude towards the pharmacy profession. Learn how to make pharmacy shine!"

Christian Burri


IMPFEN! oder doch nicht? - eine nicht ganz unvoreingenommene Übersicht und Diskussion über Mythen, Fakten und Bedeutung von Impfungen.

Schweizerischer Verein der Amts- und Spitalapotheker (GSASA)

«Speed-Dating - get to know hospital pharmacy in a fast and fun way»

Are you interested in hospital pharmacy and have questions but no answers? Come join our little speed-dates and get to know us!

International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSA)

Soft Skills- Besides all the theoretical knowledge the universities provide us with, we all need soft skills are an important part of our professional identities. This workshop will show you what soft skills a pharmacist needs and how to acquire them.

Centre d’Animation des Pharmaciens de Suisse (CAP)


Wie sieht der Alltag eines Apothekers in der Offizin aus? Spannende Alltagssituationen und wie man diese professionell bewältigt werden wir euch in unserem Workshop zeigen!

Gesellschaft der Schweizerischen Industrie-Apotheker/Innen GSIA

Career Prospects as a Pharmacists- What opportunities do I have as a pharmacist? What are the pros and cons? Job positions, salaries and many more questions that need honest answers are openly discussed and answered here!